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403b Planning Solutions & Strategies

The planning and implementation you take today affects your life tomorrow

Your pension will likely not be enough. For those who have taken the time to strategize their financial future, retirement will provide them with an opportunity to do the things they always wanted to do and travel to the places they’ve always wanted to travel to. For many others, it may mean working during their golden years, giving up on hobbies and cutting back on their lifestyles and spending, or many times even depending on others.

Will your retirement income be enough to cover increasing retirement costs?

In 2019 the average state/local government pension in 2019 only provided about $22,662 on average on top of that about 25% of state and government employees are not covered by Social Security. First you should ask yourself if you qualify for Social Security, then ask yourself if $22,662 a year plus Social Security will be enough to live the retirement life you’d like to live.

-An employee may choose to make contributions to a 403(b) plan for retirement, and may receive a deduction of that amount from their regular paycheck.

-A 403(b) plan permits the employee to accumulate money in the plan on a tax-favored basis, to supplement teacher retirement or another retirement plan.

-Additionally, your 403(b) monies can follow you wherever you go. They can be transferred to other employer plans or into a traditional IRA.

Choose A Professional With A Long History Of Keeping It’s Promises

Fixed and fixed indexed annuities are a smart way to save for retirement, given that they provide a guarantee of income, tax-deferral advantages and flexibility and control. We offer both traditional fixed and indexed annuities in the 403(b) market. Products may vary by provider.

Fixed and fixed indexed annuities guarantee policy values as long as the policyholder stays invested in the policy. That’s how guarantees work — and that guarantee extends to policyholders in down markets as well.

Many insurers offer riders to their policies to make them more attractive. These riders provide an additional benefit or guarantee some amount of money to be paid out if you die within the term. In the case of this rider, a guaranteed lifetime income will be paid out to the policyholder. Have the peace of mind that you are contributing to a financial product that is protected and backed by a company with decades of experience.

Annuity Foundation's Partners offer excellent annuities available to 403(b) retirement plans and have helped hundreds of people save money for their futures and for their retirement. Click below to contact a trusted partner.


Annuities can Help To Plan Your Retirement On Your Terms! Annuities Foundation will help Find A Strategy And Know What Your Income Will Be For The Rest Of Your Life!


Plan your estate with the aid of a financial expert, avoid taxes legally and keep those funds in the estate for later distribution or growth


Family legacies have been created through annuities and used to pass on a financial legacy that keeps funds private, continues to grow and avoid taxes.


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We have a simple 3 step process that helps walk you through the process, Step 1 is to Request a free no-pressure quote, you'll receive current rates of growth and get more information on the companies we believe can help you. Step 2 is to consult with a professional on your specific case, this can be done in person, by phone and/or Zoom video chat, usually takes 20-30 minutes to establish your needs and strategize your future goals. Step 3 is to receive the policy, this is where your agent will sit with you and explain your policy, expected growth and notify your beneficiaries of what to do if needed. This process is simple

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Sarah Bennet

Sarah Bennet

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Eduardo aguirre

The Annuities foundation has been a huge help in educating me on my options, they even set me up with a local agent to strategize for my needs with my family's legacy in mind!

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